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A Matter of National Security

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Air Force Second Lieutenant Stromboli must battle through a day’s worth of politics, government bureaucracy, and his self-serving boss, Major Meyer, all the while hoping to leave work on time to catch his airplane flight that will take him home to visit his family for the first time in a year. After a typical worthless meeting concludes, Stromboli soon discovers that the General, who wasn't expected until next week, is now on his way. Our hero now has to rush to get a color print of Meyer's presentation, for the General has to have all of his presentations in color. But there are printer problems... Can our hero successfully navigate through the red-tape and still get to the airport on time?

This was my first attempt at writing a film that I intended to shoot. This film was also my first film to use production audio. Produced in 2003, it was also my first union film (an Experimental Contract with the Screen Actor's Guild).

miniDV (using two Canon XL1S), independent sync sound, cut on Adobe Premiere Pro. Filmed Sept 2003. Shot in Los Angeles, CA. 23 minutes

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